SOUCCS, Solar USB Charging and Culture Station, is an aesthetic energy-rich oasis, a green, socially empowered market-place where all who need power can get it, for a story. Solar power is provided to USB powered digital devices, in exchange for a story from the power-needy visitor. The power of one’s own stories becomes apparent when a visitor begins the act of receiving clean solar derived power. Charging is an act which requires time to create an effect, just like stories.

SOUCCS is a digital and performance art-science collaboration Valérie began with Vancouver media artist Bobbi Kozinuk in order to explore digital connections to power, personal and social identity and control. As visibly "different" Trans-Media Artists we find ideas of: access, power, environmental responsibility and digital arts integration into society permeate the different modalities, personas, and traces we construct in order to operate and create in the so-called "real world”.

souccsDescrChrmtik+Bobbi final from Vee Solaire on Vimeo.